Thank You!

The Ely Sons of American Legion Honor Flag Program has allowed us to give back to our veterans and community in ways that we could never have imagined.

Below are some of the highlights that the Ely Sons of the American Legion are proud to say we’ve been able to be a part of thanks to your participation.

  • Purchased two gun safes for the Legion’s ceremonial guns used by the legion honor guard for parades, funerals and other formal events
  • Gift to offset cost to replace the basement ceiling at the legion hall which included new LED lights, more efficient duct work and new ceiling tiles that were generously donated by Harger’s Acoustics. Electrical and other work graciously donated by local professionals Jamie Schurbon and Chris Levi.

  • Purchased 12 commercial-grade round tables for banquets and other legion events. These 4-foot tables are also just the right size for cards and have served the Son’s well in our winter Euchre tournaments
  • Service branch and POW flag display out in front of Legion

  • Gift to the Ely Parks and Recreation Commission project to install a flag pole at Ely’s City Park
  • Annual sponsorship of a Boys State candidate where a local high school Junior is selected to participate in “Iowa’s Premier Civic Education Program”. Learn more here: Boys State
  • Gift to the Ely Legion’s Triple Nickle Sports club for targets, stands, and supplies
  • Shared cost of uniforms for Son’s members for official events (honor guard, flag disposal ceremonies etc.)
  • A new commercial grade flag pole at Rogers Grove Cemetery
  • Contributions to new cooler for upstairs bar.
  • Taking part in raising funds for the planned Ely Veterans Memorial.

Looking forward we are hoping that we can sponsor upgrades and improvements to the Ely Legion Hall as well as other programs that will benefit our community and veterans.

For more information on the Honor Flag Program or to sign up visit the Honor Flag Program webpage.