Junior Shooting Sports

Ely Junior Shooting Sports Program (JSSP)
The JSSP is a national program with the American Legion.  The Ely American Legion has a JSSP Iowa program that consists of:

1.  8 week Basic Marksmanship Classes (registration* in August and classes start on Tuesdays in October)
2.  November thru March – Air Rifle practices (3 positions)
*It is recommended that students have the upper body strength to hold up an air rifle (older than 10 years old is strongly recommended and preferred)


The Ely American Legion offers an annual basic marksmanship course to students ages 10 to 16.
Registration is limited to 10 student athletes (first come first serve) and closes early September.
Our next classes will begin: September 2024 and continue weekly every Tuesday through November.
It is pertinent that students attend all eight (8) classes.
Student athletes who are confirmed registrants for this class, materials will be distributed on prior to the class during a can-drive fundraiser at the Ely American Legion Post (and complete paper registration and medical information).

USE THIS LINK to register.

Fall/Winter Basic Marksmanship Class Registration: Opens Aug 1 (limited to 1o students) and is shared on social media (Ely American Legion Facebook page).  The 2023 Competition Season begins in November 2022.

Basic Marksmanship Registration
The annual Basic Marksmanship Program classes take place in the fall.
Registration opens August 1 and is limited to 12 students.  Registration is strictly online.
Classes take place weekly on Tuesday evenings starting the first Tuesday of October and continue weekly every Tuesday through November.

Tentatively, student athletes who are confirmed registrants for the class will meet on the 2nd Saturday in September at the Ely American Legion Post for completion of registration information and pick up of class materials.

Basic Marksmanship Class Materials
Ely American Legion will provide a printed copy to students: “Student’s Guide to Position Air Rifle”
(binder includes content that students will cover in the 8 week Basic Marksmanship Shooting Program).
An online version can be viewed here American Legion Junior Shooting Sports Program Student Handbook

Note that there is reading assignments prior to the 1st class and each were to prepare for the following week’s content.  Click here for the Basic Marksmanship Assignments by week.

JSSP Junior Shooting Sports

How to sign up as a participant for the classes?

A link will be shared on this site and in social media with the link to online registration

Triple Nickel JSSC’s Annual dues and usage fees
Currently, we do not charge a membership fee for student athletes or families.
While there are annual costs associated with facilitation of the program, donations are welcome.

Introduction Video of Safety Tips

How can the Triple Nickel JSS and shooting sports benefit student athletes?
Safety.  Knowledge.  Self Confidence.

There are companies and government agencies that support the shooting sports, some of which include the following:

Do you have additional questions for 555JSS?
The Triple Nickel Junior Shooting Sports Club’s volunteers  are available for questions you may have:
Executive Board: Tina Elwood Gehrke, Juan Trevino, Garrett Carlson
Coaches/Safety Officers and board members: Alan Wery, Jerry Walling

Thanks to former Air Rifle Club President Butch Gaddis for helping to start this program in 2019.

Historical State of Iowa Match Award Winners who came from Ely Program: 
Chase Gehrke, 6th 2016, Iowa International air rifle Champion
Kaleb Lane, 4th 2016
Kadence Gillin, 3rd 2021