Junior Shooting Sports

Welcome to Triple Nickel Junior Shooting Sports
The Triple Nickel post in Ely, Iowa founded a Junior Shooting Sports (JSS) club in the fall / winter of 2016, under the governance of the American Legion shooting division of the organization.  The American Legion Junior Shooting Sports Program encourages marksmanship and gun safety education for junior high and high school aged youth.  

Starting in the fall of 2017, the club focuses on the American Legion curriculum of “Junior Shooting Sports” Basic Marksmanship Course.  Volunteer coaches will provide instruction on air rifle markmanship during an eight week lesson plan.  The Basic Marksmanship Course is a comprehensive instruction package for the beginning shooter that has little or no marksmanship experience. The course insures understanding by the student and easy use by the instructor. Gun safety and marksmanship fundamentals are taught through a balanced mix of short lecture or discussion followed by hands-on activity.

The coursework and hands on training will focus on gun safety, education, and markmanship and provide a basic element of:

  • Safety
  • Education
  • Enjoyment
  • Competition

The class can accommodate 12 student athletes each session.  Each student athlete is required to supply their own eye protection.

Due to the class being only 8 weeks in duration, students are urged to attend all 8 classes.  We recognize that family emergencies arise, therefore students are required to attend a minimum 7 of the 8 classroom sessions in order to obtain their certification.  Attendees will receive classroom learning and will have instruction on the three positions of air rifle competition: Prone, Standing, Kneeling.  Students attending this class will receive a handbook and will be given six quizzes during the 8 week session, followed by a final exam.

American Legion Triple Nickel’s Facility
Is located at the American Legion Post 555 (the St. Quentin Post)
at 1545 Main Street, Ely, Iowa 52227.

2018 Fall/Winter Class Offering

The Ely American Legion will provide a printed copy to students: “Student’s Guide to Position Air Rifle” (this is the content that students will cover in the 8 week Basic Marksmanship Shooting Program).  An online version can be viewed here American Legion Junior Shooting Sports Program Student Handbook

Note that there is reading assignments prior to the 1st class and each were to prepare for the following week’s content.  Click here for the Basic Marksmanship Assignments by week.

Fall 2018 Basic Marksmanship Program Information: Registration opens August 18, 2018. For the 12 student athletes that get into the program (first come first serve) classes will begin: October 8, 2018 and continue weekly every Tuesday through December.

How to sign up as a participant for the 2018 classes?
Student Athletes: 12 participants per session will be accepted due to equipment availability/requirements.

Signup will be conducted online and on a first come / first serve basis 

Triple Nickel JSSC’s Annual dues and usage fees
Currently, we do not charge a membership fee for student athletes or families.  While there are costs associated with facilitation of the program, donations are welcome.  

Introduction Video of Safety Tips

How can the Triple Nickel JSS and shooting sports benefit student athletes?
Educate.  Knowledge.  Self Confidence.

There are companies and government organizations that support the shooting sports, some of which include the following:

Do you have additional questions for 555JSS?

The Triple Nickel Junior Shooting Sports Club’s volunteers  are available for questions you may have:  

Executive Board: Tina Elwood Gehrke, Juan Trevino, Jerry Walling, Coaches/Safety Officers and board members: Garrett Carlson, Alan Wery, Mitch Bock, Marc Cross

Questions can be asked here. 

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