Help Us Keep Ely Area Veterans’ Graves Decorated

For 99 years, the Ely post of the American Legion has served veterans and our community. One way we do this is by decorating the graves of Veterans in five cemeteries in the Ely area. The Ely Legion takes care that each veteran’s grave has a veteran marker as well as an American Legion marker if appropriate. On Memorial Day, Legionaries decorate the markers with flags.

In order to do this, the Ely Post needs to purchase the markers and the flags. In addition to any new veteran graves each year, there are also other markers that need to be replaced. Existing markers are often damaged by mowing and sometimes they just disappear. This is an ongoing expense. The American Legion markers and American Legion Auxiliary markers, for example, must be purchased and are approximately $45.00 with tax and shipping.

This expense has always been paid by funds raised by events at our Legion Hall. As you know, the Ely Legion was forced by the pandemic to cancel our annual pancake breakfast and almost all other fundraising activities. Expenses, however, must continue to be paid.

Your help would be deeply appreciated. Please consider donating $45.00 to the Ely American Legion to help us keep our veterans’ resting sites appropriately decorated.

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